Next for Anderson?

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Now that most people have processed what went down, although some not fully accepting it yet what would you like to see next for anderson? Me, as much as I was happy for chris a part of me also felt kind of sorry for Silva going out like that after all his exciting fights, even though he did deserve it.

I personally think anderson needs to avoid the weidman rematch AT ALL COSTS and I'm glad he feels the same way, or at least not take the rematch right away. He needs a good fight to get his confidence back again. If he fights chris again next and gets finished twice in a row that very well may be the end of his career as he goes out fedor style.

I think the bisping fight would be good for him now, both seem to have wanted it before. And this might help earn a bit of value back in the super fights sometime in the near future.

So what should Silva's next move be?
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Next for Anderson?

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