How to beat Anderson Silva?

S6XStringzS6XStringz Posts: 1,067Free
Do we even have a blueprint on how to beat Anderson Silva even after Saturday's fight?
This forum talked about how Chael laid out the blueprint on how to beat Silva, but yet that was wrong.. no?
He lost twice so therefore his approach didn't work, or did it?

Weidman took Silva down, hit him hard and had him almost in a submission but couldn't finish either way.
I kept thinking before the fight that if Weidman was to pull out a miracle, he would have to approach the fight like Chael did and perhaps somehow he would catch Silva and knock him out on the ground, or decision him. Well he did somewhat approach it like Chael, although Silva messed it up by not really putting up a fight due to his antics which leaves me wondering what if Silva had come out like he did in that second Chael fight. Yes he was dominated (laid and prayed) in the first, but he came back in the second like a whole new fighter and really went at Chael. You could tell he wanted to hurt Chael real bad.

So did Weidman lay out a clear cut blueprint on how to beat Silva, or was it just a lucky punch mixed with Silva's over exaggerated disrespectful antics? How do other fighters who want to beat Silva approach him so they can have the same success as Weidman?


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