Should Silva retire after he gets destroyed in the rematch?

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Why am I finding myself finding the entire internet up in arms over Silva's rematch and his new found hunger that should show the "luck" of Weidman non-existent in this second fight? I'm quite sure Weidman won the first round and 2nd round respectfully from Silva. It's not that Silva got destroyed before the knockout, but the matchup and clash of styles was clearly an evident disadvantage for Silva.

I really do think, and I am going to bet at least 500 dollars that Silva loses again, for the simple fact, styles make fights, and mental strength is on par with physical strength. Let's also remember folks, 185 is an extremely terrible division, and winning against guys like Bisbing, Cheater Belfort, Leben, Okami, or Cote, just isnt that tough....

Regardless, his reign is over, he was a great champ, good for the sport, very arrogant at times, and embarrasing, however still an interesting character nonetheless. From snowy Canada, I say, Bon Voyage Mr. Silva, enjoy the beach

Should Silva retire after he gets destroyed in the rematch?

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