If you were Anderson Silva, what would be your strategy in the rematch?

SistiSisti Posts: 5,314Free
1. go back to the taunting and risk being extremely embarrassed by the KO happening twice, but have a better shot it's kept standing

2. get rid of all taunting and clowning, and train ground game hard and hope to win on the ground. with Weidman's wrestling it's hard to believe he wouldn't be able to take him down

3. somewhere in the middle...a little bit of taunting to hope Weidman's ego comes in and he wants to prove he could KO silva without the huge opening to prove the skeptics wrong, but not going overboard with it like he did in their first fight

I predict it's going to be 3 because I can't imagine Silva just completely stops doing what he always does in his fights, but I can't see him getting as ridiculous as he did their first fight


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