Korean Zombie reveals he's only making $ 20,000 for UFC 163 Title Bout

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How much fight money are you receiving for this fight?

I will be making 20,000 dollars to show, and another 20,000 dollars if I win. I do not get any PPV points. After 2 more fights, I will be able to negotiate my contract. Hopefully, I will be in a good position when that happens.
I believe I am a very popular fighter, but I do not make a lot of money. There is definitely a problem with that. MMA was at its peak in South Korea when Hong Man Choi fought Fedor Emelianenko. Hong Man Choi was a huge star in South Korea; there isn’t anyone like that anymore. TV ratings were 10% in those days, now they are barely 1-2%. South Korea needs a star like that for MMA to flourish. I am lacking in a lot of ways, but hopefully I can become a star with the way I fight.
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