Fighters who have lost the way

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There is very few things that happen in a fight that makes me mad...but the worst thing I think is when a fighter does something this is way out of character or goes against the skills that got him there

I'm a true believer in "if it ain't broke don't fix it" these list of guys have either changed thier style and it has not worked or just list thier edge

1.Forrest Griffin: remember when he was this high volume striker who brought it ever fight...remember when he called him self "I'm just a Dog...I come to fight...I don't care who it is"

Well those days are long gone...and really after the Rashad fight they never came back

2.Chuck Liddell: I knew when we first say chuck be the "stalker" in his fight with Rashad that he may have changed things up...well they did t work for him and look what happened...he completely forgot his counter striking style and where his counter rights would KO guys with easy

3.Clay Guida: This guy losing his way may have brough more anger to fans then any other fighter...I remember him being super energetic with landing good amount of strikers every he just moves and throws little...and what makes it worse is he thinks he's winning every fight with it

4.Miguel Torres: No one embodies what how a gym can ruin a fighter if the coaches will not let the fighter be himself. "hey Tristar you do know Torres is crazy at BJJ right and not a point striker" soon as he got linked up with GJ/TriStar he become a point striker and that has not went we'll for him...we have not seen a BJJ game oriented Miguel in a long long time

List fighters who have either changed thier style or just lost thier fire and it has not gone well for them
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