Matt Hammill making his return October 9th in Brazil.....

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Against Thiago Silva.

Interesting fight. Can't stand Thiago, was keen to see him KO'd by Feijao but then we all realised that Feijao has less gas than Emmanuel Yarborough.

But I'm not sure how Hammill will do, hasn't fought for a long time and when he did it was a very lackluster performance against Roger Hollet (lol). Not to mention this will be in Brazil so it will be even tougher, but at least Hammill won't be able to hear the "You're going to die!" chants...

This is also the 5th card this year in Brazil (correct me if I'm wrong), also has DHK vs Erick Silva apparently so could be a good card. Wouldn't be surprised to see Vitor headline against against maybe Mousasi or Costa. Undercard will probably be filled with mismatches, guaranteeing the TUF Brazil alum and other Brazilian no names to get easy wins.

Anyway, thoughts on the fight?

I'm picking Thiago via KO, possible NC though depending what he's on.
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