Jose Aldo Will Nuke Korean Zombie For 'Merica

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You read the title right. Jose Aldo is going to land a kick so hard, that the Korean Zombie will suffer the same fate as the other slant eyed people. He's gonna get Hiroshima'd. In fact, it's going to be so bad that Kim Jong Il will start talking about taking out Brazil next which will start talks of a new world war.

Can you imagine the catastrophes that would occur if Aldo were to finish the KZ? We all know that KZ is the Koreans secret weapon at a hybrid post-life human. He is supposed to start this zombie revolution in hopes of taking over 'Merica, but our great Brazilian defender in AldGOAT will not allow this to happen. You know why? Cause he hespects us, cause we gave him money, a job, a new life.

Although Jung is great, and this fight could be FOTY, he will just not have enough asian zing to get past AldGOAT. Aldo will hit Jung so hard, that it will make the entire Asian population think that Godzilla was back which will in turn cause a tsunami due to them all running around at the same time screaming "OH NO, ISS GOZIRRA!"

The only way he wins this fight is if Aldo gets a stomach ache from eating too much Panda Express before the event and ends up getting diarrhea and running out of gas while letting out gas, or if Captain Sum Ting Wong forgets how to fly a plane and crashes his flight. Maybe Jung should make like his relatives and just start working under some guys staircase making shoes for Nike for $0.05 an hour, because after the devastation from this fight, he won't want to come back.

PS: Good luck to both guys, they are both awesome!
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