Super Fights - Which interest you the most (List your top 10)

Cole1186Cole1186 Posts: 3,719Free
I consider all the fights listed below to be “super fights" in one form or another. Some of them may be happening in the future, others probably won't.

List your top 10 most anticipated super fights in order. And top 5 most anticipated fights. I'm curious!

1. Anderson v Jones
2. Anderson v GSP
3. Aldo v Pettis
4. Jones v Cain
5. Jones v JDS
6. Aldo v Benson
7. Barao v Cruz
8. Barao v Mighty Mouse
9. Aldo v Cruz
10. Diaz v Anderson

Honorable Mentions/Most anticipated fights:

1. Anderson v Weidman 2
2. Cain v JDS 2
3. Pettis v Benson 2
4. Jones v Glover
5. Cormier v Jones


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