Wrestling with a gay dude.

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So, a lot of people have been saying that Rory McDonald will be the next Welterweight champion for some time now. Alright, alright...I know his last fight was a real snooze-fest, but he was up against a really tough opponent. Unfortunately, that seems to be what it takes to win.

Anyway, Rory says he would not want to fight GSP. With all the riches and fame that could be his (if he could, in fact, beat St. Pierre,) what is it, exactly, that's probably the real reason that Rory doesn't want to step into the octagon with Georges St. Pierre?
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    You know why, they're friends that train together. GSP is his mentor and you can very much see Rory's style reflect that fact.

    Now I don't agree with anyone in the UFC not fighting each other for any reason other then rules being broken but until Joe Silva grows some balls and forces them to fight anyways it is what it is.
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