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SHOGUN VS CHAEL - As usual Chael will come in aggressive go for a take down gets him down. Lays on top for for the whole round throwing pillow fists. Round 2 Shogun rushes Chael and lands a clean 1 2 combo to the chin drops and finishes Chael.

OVEREEM VS BROWNE - Both hesitant for the first minute, Browne starts off the aggression with some kicks then goes to straight punches to Overeems chin and knocks him the **** out.

BROWN VS PYLE - Action packed fight with Brown utterly destroying Pyle in the stand up but both getting clipped. Brown UD.

LAUZON VS JOHNSON - Lauzon takes him down gets full mount finishes with an arm triangle.

HOWARD VS HALL - Howard comes in lean and mean and knocks out Hall brutally

Looking forward to those most. Who you got ?
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