Get ready folks.. Conor McGreGOAT is here.

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Conor McGregor is the boogeyman, only a little less tanner. He's a nightmare to every fighter, who currently resides under the UFC's 145 pound banner. When you're around him, you better be on your best behavior, or he will destroy you, in a devastating manner.

He's a terror. A true bad affair, he's gonna give every featherweight, an nawful bad scare.

A legend in the making, a man with no fear, a brutal warrior, a guy with fly hair.

His wrestling is top notch, landing takedowns with effortless timing and flair. Get out of line, he'll make you wish you were never there.

Bear witness to this one, McGregor time is near. After he gets the belt, he's gonna drink a cold beer.

Did I mention he's Irish. A mick that rose to the top. In the past, he couldn't even buy food, at the food shop.

Notorious for his unique style of striking, infamous for the cracking power in his hands.

Look at him wrong, and he'll send you packing, singing the swan song.

13 wins, 13 Finished. Only 2 of his opponents, remained undiminished.

Merely 3 of his victims, made it out of round one. Take him lightly, and he'll end your long run.

Combinations like Diaz, so he knows how to punch.

Strength like Hendricks, but that's only a hunch. For your own sake, you'd be wise to keep him at arm's length.

Speed like Mighty Mouse, so you know he is quick. Make one mistake, and you must be slick. If you're to slow, he'll crack you like a brick.

He can kick like Pettis, so watch your shtick, or he'll chop you up, like raw lettuce.

Never been wobbled, stunned dazed dropped or rocked. This man is a ninja, a freak that's been unlocked.

This locomotive is about to leave the station, who's on board for this awesome sensation?

Choo Choo, Choo Choo. I think I can, I think I can, I'll be McGregors number one fan.
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