Main card ...hmmm

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These are all pretty decent fights but let's be honest,there are good fights in other orgs as well,we look for the relevant fighters.A main card should be a full of relevant fighters,especially since this is the number one org in the sport.
Shogun vs Sonnen both coming off losses.
Overeem vs Browne Reem is coming off a loss,Browne is 1-1 having beat a can in Gonazaga who only got back in the UFC to fill a recent Brasil card.
Faber vs Alcantara ...Faber dropped a divsion to be relevant,otherwise an average fighter in his real weight class.Alcantara coming off 1-1-1 almost all his fights at home in Brasil.
Brown vs Pyle ,This is actually one of the more relevant fights,both beating some good fighters and both on winning streaks.
Hall vs Howard Hall coming off a surprise loss and to a no namer.Howard only his first fight back and probably both have puny contracts,not worthy of a main event.
Lauzon vs Johnson .Joe is 1-2 last 3 and Johnson lost both his last fights,again two guys who fight for bonuses,weak contracts.

So we have 7/12 coming off UFC losses,8/12 have very small contracts,one winner beat Gonzaga[whippty doo] and the most relevant fight features two guys who would never carry a card as the number 1/2/3 fight and the other relevant fight features a homebody Brasil only fighter and a guy who dropped down a weight division.

This is a very over rated card,decent yes but not 6 fights worthy of carrying a ppv,so you get what you pay for that is the real quality of this card.This is not a card you pay 300 bucks a seat or 50-100 on ppv.It is a 1.99 prelim and 12.99 CDN main card or FREE on Sporstnet or other affiliate stations.
NONE of these guys are ever going to be wearing a title belt,they are competitive but that is it.

Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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