Will Jon Jones break Andersons title defense record?

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With a win this Saturday night Jones hits 6 title defenses. At the rate he fights, he could conceivably reach Silva's record by the very end of 2014 (4 fights a year) or the begging of 2015.

Gus - Title defense number 6
Glover - Title defense number 7
Cormier - Title defense number 8
Phil Davis - Title defense number 9
Mousasi - Title defense number 10
Jimi Manuwa - Record breaking title defense number 11

That's the way I possibly see it going. Gus is a given, seeing as they are fighting in two days. If Jones beats Gus, Glover is a given, as he has already been given the next title shot. If Jones gets passed Glover then it's Cormier (as long as he beats Nelson, and can actually make the weight). I'm thinking Phil Davis wins his next fight or two then gets the shot after Cormier. Mousasi is dirty, he will rack up a few wins at MW/LHW then challenge Jones at the end of 2014 or begging of 2015. Then the up and coming prospect Jimi Manuwa will have huge hype behind him, coming into the fight undefeated for Jones 11th record breaking title defense.

As long as Jones doesn't lose, I think he sticks around LHW to attempt breaking Anderson's record. The weight cut will get harder as he gets older, but I think he'll be able to make the cut for another year or two.

What's everyone think about Jones breaking Andersons record? If you think he will lose in the next year or two, who will it be to?

Will Jon Jones break Andersons title defense record?

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