What is the average weight for a heavy weight in the UFC and mma sports and cains real weight?

daveholrttdaveholrtt Posts: 12Free
Just wondering what the average weight is, i always thought 240 was about your average heavyweight fighter. But people call Cain a small heavyweight, yea he is on the short side of heavyweight but small? He does look small for a heavyweight, to me he doesn't look nearly 240, whenever i think of a 240 pounder i think of a huge dude, Cain looks about 215 to me, i havn't seen him in person but just looking at his pics and comparing him to 190 lb guys, he doesn't look much bigger than them. Certainly not 50 pounds heavier.
Why do you think he looks small for a guy who is 240? is it because he is kinda chubby? and muscle looks bigger than fat? or?? do you even think he is 240.

THank you for help!

Here is a pic for example of a 240 guy at about the same height as cain, he looks much bigger and hes not a pound over 240.
His name is mike katz (ex bodybuilder)



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