Holly Holm VS Cat Zingano

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If Holm gets through her Dec Fight victorious and gets signed into the UFC the time tables would be set up for a title eliminator between her and Zingano. I would see Holm taking it by KO, how about you guys?
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    Zingano would probably make it ugly, use her size to bully Holm into the cage and beat her up from there.
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    Galvanik said:

    Zingano would probably make it ugly, use her size to bully Holm into the cage and beat her up from there.

    I don't know, Holm is nasty. I'm honestly surprised the UFC hasn't signed her yet. All of her wins are by T/KO and she can scrap.
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    I believe Zingano can beat her
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    Zingano via sub
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    Zingano would kill her and then rape her dead corpse

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    I'd love to see Holm in the UFC but she needs a bit more seasoning. I think she'd have trouble if they put her in there with a strong grappler. Maybe a fight with Amanda Nunes or Alexis Davis would be more appropriate.
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    Ahhhh i was going to be so pissed if there was a link saying she would fight Zingano

    I was bout to **** on this thread with a huge load of "damn Dana is protecting Ronda but not giving cat her due title shot"
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    I think Cat deserves a title shot when she returns, not a number one contenders fight.
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    zingano via whatever she feels like, come on really? zingano is the hbic in womens mma...holly holm defeating her as of right now is laughable, maybe in 1-2 yrs she could hang with cat---holm' does have some mean knees tho, but not cat's level of anything except maybe getting a ud in a boxing match,holm's chin is questionable with little gloves, after watching her getting ktfo and out of the boxing ring lol...top 10 women mop holly as of right now, sorry to burst bubbles
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