How long would YOU last if you got put on a UFC card?

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Okay, here's a hypothetical scenario just for fun. Imagine that Dana White called you and needed you to fill in on a fight card six months from now. You're going to be on the Facebook prelims, so you'll be fighting a guy who is pretty new to the UFC or one that has lost a few consecutive fights and is close to being cut. Still, you're facing a fighter good enough to be in the UFC.

1. In what weight class would you fight?
2. How long would the fight last (remember, you're fighting a guy near the bottom of your division)?
3. How would the fight end (decision, ko/tko, submission)

For me, I'd fight at 185. I'd have to lose a good amount of weight and get rid of this gut, but that would be my weight class.

The fight would last approximately one minute.

I would lose the fight via submission (strikes).


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