Machida vs. Mousasi is NEXT!

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“I want to make an impact in the middleweight division and to fight the best contenders out there,” said Mousasi. “I respect Machida and would like to test my stand-up against him. I believe a fight between us would determine the No.1 contender in the middleweight division. ‘The Dream Catcher vs. The Dragon’ sounds good to me. Let’s do it.”

Gegard has beaten Jacare, Manhoef, Lombard, Kang, Kyle, Babalu, not to mention Mark Hunt & Gary Goodridge at HW. His only loss in 7 years was being dry humped by King Mo Laval (in which he almost KOd Mo off of his back and should've won the fight).
In 2010 Mousasi faced Kyotaro, the K-1 Heavyweight Champion, in a K-1 rules bout and won a unanimous decision after having knocked the Japanese fighter down, almost finishing him

Who's your pick?

PS. Sorry @ozpride, but this one needed a poll.

Machida vs. Mousasi is NEXT!

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