Damn _Finish Him_ Where You at?? Papers Here. Ben Henderson Calls out RDA for Next Fight

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"Were not quite sure who it makes sense to match-up against. Who we want to ask to fight next, we are kind of leaning towards Rafael dos Anjos. We think it would be a good fight with him. It will be entertaining, good fight and the match-up works well for us. I don't know if he has anyone scheduled in (to fight) or not. I think it might work. I agree with Chael Sonnen, you need to have a name in mind. I'm not going to go so low as to say, ‘Oh, I want to beat somebody up because they are so ugly.' I think Rafael would be a good match-up, he's a tough fighter, he's on a five-fight win streak, I think it will be a good match-up."

That will be a good fight. RDA is on a little streak and Smooth is coming off a L wanting to climb that ladder again. I got Benson though by UD similar to what he did to Jim Miller. Two losses to Anthony ShowGOAT PettiGOAT has got to motivate you to train harder and fight harder. Who you got??

Been on the Anthony "Showtime" Pettis train since day one. No questions asked. Showtime Attack Force Too Strong.
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