I AM GOING TO 168!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MachidaPowerMachidaPower Serial Chillin.Posts: 1,963Free
And I won't need my oxygen!

Section- 14
Row- R
Seat- 16

I cashed in my Christmas AND birthday for this. Got a way better ticket than I ever imagined! I LOVE MY MOM!

Cya soon, Andy and Ronda :)

Chris Weidman.... You're dead!
the buffer 180... best move in the UFC.



"Ameriman is the P4P greatest poster of all time, and he would never welch on a sigbet." [sic]

"I took wanderleisilva101's MMA knowledge to the back of the throat and I loved it! P.S Chael will get destroyed by Wand too!"

Miesha Nose.


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