Conor impressions

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I don't tink it's right i really don't tink so.I kick the whole division while they healthy,& they kick at me when I'M down.I tink i will use my mastery of human movement ,and put 4 leaf clover glove prints on the lot of EM's heads dat i will !
HanDGuN kungFOO mixxed with AK karate(KiLLuminatti)

Belfort~EL GuapO~GraciE


Weidman,Moraga,Cormier,Scareface,MauleR,GingeR~BrownE&HondA HouseY all inspiring.

The Truth
KingzombiE`aka`StundonG 2 Strong

The Notorious Conor Mcgregor ='s MMA's 2pac

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