GSP's past opponent vs. future opponent: Hendrix compared to Koscheck

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Well, I'll try to make this an easy read. GSP faced Koscheck who had just the one loss at the time. He's now facing Hendrix who also has just a single loss. GSP beat Koscheck by decision. Johny beat Koscheck by decision, as well. Koscheck later retired following a loss to Lawler. It could be argued that his heart wasn't in fighting anymore, thus contributing to the loss. It could also be argued that Hendrix is just better. I'M GOING TO COMPARE THEM AS THE FIGHTER KOSCHECK WAS WHEN HE FOUGHT GSP THE FIRST TIME.

College Wrestling

Koscheck is a 1-time National Champion in the 174 lb weight class.
Hendrix is a 2-time National Champion in the 165 lb weight class.

Advantage: Koscheck, barely.

Physical matchup

Koscheck is 5'10" with a 73 inch reach and an orthodox stance
Hendrix is 5'9" with a 69 inch reach and a southpaw stance.

Advantage: While both possessing knockout power, Hendrix seems to have more. But Koscheck has a bit more range and is slightly more technical, so I'm giving a slight edge to Koscheck.


Koscheck had 1 KO and 3 submissions in his 8 fights inside the UFC. 5 stoppages in 8 fights. Stoppage percentage 62% with points for versatility.
Hendrix has 5 KO's, but zero submissions...but he's fought only 12 times. 5 stoppages in 12 fights. Stoppage percentage 42%

Advantage: Koscheck.

Caliber of previous opponents.

This is subjective, but Hendrix seems to have had much stiffer competition than Koscheck did, at the time of his first fight with GSP.

Advantage: Hendrix

Anyway, Hendrix and Koscheck appear to be similar fighters. GSP completely nullified anything Koscheck threw at him. I predict the same thing to happen again. So does Vegas, by the way.

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