Am I the only one who wants Anderson to leave MW division ?

skillandpowerskillandpower Posts: 826Free
I personally would like him to beat Weidman and see how Weidman reacts to it and facing TOP guys for another shot but at the same time I kinda like MW division being battled by Weidman, Jacare, Machida, Vitor and anybody else coming along i.e: Carmont, Mousasi and not mention other guys moving to 185 likes Shogun, Evans, Sonnen, some dudes from 170, etc.

Im not saying that Anderson would beat all these guys back to back BUT I really feel as if Anderson just wants to get that belt back for his own pride and thats it. Not really hungry to defend it afterwards.

On the other hand, you will have ALL those guys I mentioned above, hungry and feeling as if they are back on the spotlight again and back to a NEW title run.

Now, on the other hand, I think Anderson would be "something new" to watch at LHW division. New challenges, new matchups. I would love to see Anderson fighting Gus, Jones, Glover, etc.


Thoughts ?

Have a good one folks


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