Herb Dean geesus murphy

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I have no doubt Woodley deserved to win and KO'd Kos but before that happened Woodley hit Kos 7-8 x in the back of the head when he had Kos on the ground ,right in front of Herb Dean watching it all.Does Dean not have a clue how to ref,all he wanted to do that fight was quite clear...."Keep working".I watched Woodley deliver 3 short strikes when Dean broke them up,i was like wtf dude are you worst ref in this sport or what.
I think Dean sits around with some friends or something and says "tonight i am going to make them ONLY box,i am going to break them up no matter what".
MMA fighting happens EVERYWHERE Dean,that means on the ground,on the fence,this is NOT boxing.If he does not understand what back of the head is then maybe he should be at home playing call of Duty or something,he definitely should not be reffing.It also bothers me at how lazy he looks when he moves around,he is the sloppiest laziest ref in this sport.I would rather have Kim Winslow anytime any day as Dean will totally ruin a MMA fight.
Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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