Exclusive interview with Reza Maddog Madadi

BagdadBobBagdadBob Posts: 111Ultimate
The first public appearance by Maddog after he was sent to jail and was sentenced to 1,6 years for grand theft. He is training at the club, you can see Gus, Tor Troeng and Andreas Stahl in the background. Andreas was recently signed by the UFC and will fight in Australia, an interesting prospect. Due to private engagements I have not been able to train at the club since may 25th, I am surprised but happy that the club didn´t ban Reza. Right now he is awaiting his rubbermatch with the Prosecuter. After I have read the verdict I think he will lose to the Prosecuter. Anyway, I think it´s good he has come back to train( and hopefully fight at high level again).



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