Shogun Vs. Te-Huna KTFO (GAH DAYUM)

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DAAAAAYUMMMM! What a KTFO by Shogun. I literally ran around my house screaming my head off. Shogun just ruined that mans life. He killed Te-Hunas neck with that hook. Shogun made that dudes neck go back like the exorcist. Look at this ****.


I swear Shogun ruined him. How is he gonna back out of the driveway if he can't look back? How is he going to look both ways before crossing the street? How is he going to look down when the barber asks him to while getting his hair cut? How is he going to look up at Wal-Mart while testing out the GOATstation 4 or the XGOAT Juan? He might not even be able to play FPS video games because when he turns to look, some spawn camping noob is going to shoot him with a panzer and remind him of that hook Shogun hit him with.

Lawd Jesus we come to you today to pray for James Te-Hunas innocent neck. First it was Paul Walker, then Nelson Mandela, and now it's James Te-Hunas neck. At first I was excited about the KO, but then I felt bad. Man can't even look down at church and pray. Damn. Now, he and fat men will have a thing in common, they will both never see their donger again. Poor fella.
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