If royce gracie or any older fighter in their prime would they beat the goats of todays ufc?

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I think prime royce would tap anderson, jones, gsp cro cop in his prime would had been a beast in hws roster today


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    Royce gracie would not beat any champion in MMA today

    not even Mighty Mouse

    1-dimensional cans can't make anymore

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  • Yea you right gi's are effective
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    Matt Hughes would disagree with you.
  • Dude royce was way past his prime in that fight
  • AngelofDeathAngelofDeath Posts: 89Ultimate
    Maybe he would have been if he had the number of the clinic giving Vitor TRT.
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    Royce no. Royce is way overrated.

    Rickson probably still could under the right circumstances.
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    No. Similarly, if you could use a time machine to transport today's MMA fighters back to 1993 and have them compete in the first "Ultimate Fighting Championship" tournament (having them train for that rule set), they would win quite easily. That's taking nothing away from Royce Gracie and what the early UFC competitions taught us, but the sport has evolved tremendously since that time.

    A 26-year-old Royce Gracie couldn't even make it in the TUF house today. At the same time, I'm sure Babe Ruth couldn't hit well off of today's pitchers. While eras are measured in decades for other sports, they're measured in just a few years in a sport as young as modern MMA.

    Still, that doesn't mean Royce Gracie (or Babe Ruth for that matter) "sucks". It was a different era, and it's easy to stand tall on the shoulders of giants.
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    I think the old Vitor could give the new old Vitor a run for his money.
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    Royce Gracie would get hospitalized if he fought at Bantamweight. Seriously Renan Barao or Urijah Faber would kill him. Look at what Matt Hughes did to him almost 8 years ago. Gracie never had a chance, not even a glimmer of hope. I remember it perfectly because it was the first ever UFC I promoted in bars with Joe Hand Productions. It was a big deal. I swore it would be huge they opened the market in Florida for about 15 locations charged 10 dollar entrance fees and we had locations that took in 2500 at the door, Fire Marshalls were showing up we were sending shot girls and cooks to Walmart to buy flat screens at my bar to put out on the patio. It was unbelievable, that's when I remember the UFC really taking off. It was about a year after Griffin/Bonnar when things were starting to gel, my partner thought I was nuts to pay J.H. Productions $750 for the fights that night. We could fit 300 people easily. I let a lot of people in free as favors, big spenders, about 60 of them. We took about $3200 at the door and rang over $19000 ran out of every kind of food in the bar. I called my buddy down the street with an awesome pizza shop and asked him if he wanted to make a few grand. So he shut down brought all his wings down and just kept making pizzas non stop and bringing them over until 2 am. They used to go late back then and everyone stayed and partied. I had the Xyience guys there with a 50ft blow up can of Xyience, and they were making people all kinds of free shots all night and they brought a bunch of girls with them and free shirts, hats, and all kinds of swag. Wet T shirt contest. I gave a half off your tab card+ 2 for 1's and free admission to all the strippers right around the corner, that I had worked it. They new they wouldn't have to buy a drink anyhow, It was awesome, I cannot believe how far off track I am. Royce Gracie would get smashed nowadays. Even the best jiu-jitsu players in the world can't hang in the UFC. They have to do years of striking camps, not just boxing either, kickboxing, Muay Thai, western boxing, karate, and they need wrestling, judo, and every other damn thing or they will just get rolled. On the other hand everyone needs to know jiu-jitsu as well, and not some week **** Japan studio that's half Aikido half jiu-jitsu, I am talking about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a master trainer stemming from one of the big families, preferably the Gracies. They seem to have the best all around system hands down, their style is crazy because a 135 pound guy can literally make a 250 pound guy look stupid, and I just think that's amazing. I took it for a couple of months at a Gracie School and I cannot believe how above the curve it puts you. Its almost like its not even fair, because you could be in a bar, I'm a big guy and have always fought and boxed, but some little guy who is a brown belt could put me on my knees easy. You have to clock those guys before they can even touch you, once they touch you its over, unless you know it well, because its hard as hell to counter. Its not like punching somebody back if they throw a shot at you. When these guys start twisting you up, you better know what to do and do it quick, or you will be asleep in a puddle of your own piss. Sorry for the book. Peace everybody.
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    Nah they would keep it standing and maul him most likely even on the ground a guy like Anderson could hang
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    jiu jitsu without wrestling is absolutely ineffective

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    Prime Crocop would do well I think.. But prime Fedor would still be a beast, probably champ.
  • AndersonIsStillTheGOATAndersonIsStillTheGOAT Soon to be replaced by Gunnar NelsonPosts: 3,179Free
    Everyone knows some BJJ nowadays. He would stand no chance against top competition.

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