A new posters challenge for Weidman_the_GOAT (UFC 168 Bet)

MuhammadAliMuhammadAli Posts: 98Free
I have been following these forums for about 2 years but have never gotten around to making an account. I remember before Silva vs. Weidman 1, Weidman_the_GOAT challenged somebody to a piss drinking contest and they never followed through. I am hereby challenging Weidman_the_GOAT to a piss drinking contest, and if he is so confident in Weidman it should not matter that I am a new poster. If I win, I will get the satisfaction of watching you eat your words, but if I lose, I will forever make it known that I am not a welching ****. The loser must make a video that clearly shows them following through on the bet, although the face can be cut out (don't need that floating around on the internet).

Lets see how confident you are.


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