Silva operated on by "Bladerunner" specialist

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The South African prosthetic specialist who designed the carbon fibre blades for Olympic sprinter amputee and accused murderer Oscar Pistorius was recently seen leaving the same hospital where MMA legend Anderson Silva was being treated for a broken Tibia. Speculation is rampant that Silva has been outfitted with carbon fibre legs bones. Such an operation would increase the striking power of his leg beyond measure.

"Think of it in terms of bats or rackets" says TMZ Insider Raoul Duke " the newer carbon fibre tennis rackets launch the ball at speeds older wooden and metal rackets could never achieve." Carbon fibre has been ruled illegal in baseball bats because it would render current ball parks obsolete."Even white guys would be hitting them over the fence."

Silva was unavailable for comment, but has posted pictures on Twitter of himself with his family. "We need to be alone now" they are captioned. In the background are oil drums allegedly used for kicking over a fence as part of his rehab.


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