Why is Benson upset over the proposed Aldo/Pettis superfight?

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Here are some of Bendo's comments on twitter regarding the superfight proposal:

U gotta be kidding me?!...my mama taught me to be a better man n keep my mouth shut if I don't have anything nice to say, I'm out #UFC169
— Benson Henderson (@BensonHenderson) February 2, 2014

Title shot drama...I'm goin on my honeymoon to forget about this horse manure...
— Benson Henderson (@BensonHenderson) February 2, 2014

Does Benson Henderson even have a case here? He lost to the current champ twice and has only fought once since losing his belt, winning a highly controversial split decision over Josh Thompson. Given his track record against Pettis and his ability to earn gift decisions, should it be any surprise to him that he's not getting another title shot right away?


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