How Come Nobody Talks About How Elusive Mousasi Was?

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Just rewatched the fight (without sound, and still score it a draw, or 48-47 for either guy, 1st was a toss up) and nobody has made machida miss like that. Machida consistently lands 55-60% of his strikes and he looked silly out there all night, he was swinging and missing at everything. For all the talk of how elusive and evasive Machida is, Mousasi is getting severely overlooked. He was as hard to hit, if not harder to hit than Lyoto was last night. Everything he threw was slipped, or Mousasi was just out of range, its so impressive cause Moose was moving forward the whole time. Very rarely do you see a guy who is moving forward be so hard to hit, especially against such an accurate striker like Machida. Even in the Shogun Rua fight, outside of rd 4 where I dont even think machida landed a strike, he was consistently landing 40-50 percent of his strikes in those rounds. This fight I dont think he even landed more than 30 percent till the 5th.

Mousasi is gonna pose serious issues in the MW division, especially for guys like rockhold, jacare, carmont and kennedy.

What I really want to see is him fight Anderson Silva when he comes back from this injury, that would be something to see.
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