Fantasy Fight For Me

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So I know this will most probably never happen but lets just say by some miracle Lesnar comes back to the UFC and the tooth fairy is feeling nice so another miracle happens and Jones bulks up and moves up to HW and then they have an all out twitter war about who would win in a fight and then Dana makes the fight happen. That would be my dream fight.

Jones definitely has the striking advantage but wrestling would definitely go to Lesnar, and because of how big Lesnar is, I would automatically give him the overall grappling advantage. However Jones is good with submissions and could definitely catch Lesnar in a triangle or an armbar like Mir. If I had to put my undefeated 2014 prediction record on the line for this fight I'd pick Jones by ground and pound or sub. But that's a BIG call because Lesnar is a beast and a legend of the sport.

If any of you could say you relate to my fantasy fight then just click "Like" or "Agree" that would be much appreciated guys, I hope you enjoy the read guys :)
UFC 2014 Prediction Record


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