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Announcement: Rule Reminders: Swear Filter, Alt Accounts, Fight GIFs, Report System

Posted by Mcmax3000

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Swear Filter


Using any method to avoid the swear filter can result in corrective action, up to, and including a temporary ban.


You can not use swear words that get around the swear filter by adding in @, *, ! etc, or changing the spelling of the word.


Alternate Accounts


Users are expected to maintain only one account. Discovery of users maintaining multiple accounts, especially in an effort to subvert a suspension, whether temporary, or permanent, may result in one, or all of those accounts being banned.


Fight GIFs


Any use of fight footage GIFs used in posts or signatures will be be removed, and may result in a warning. Repeated breaking of this rule may result in a banning at the moderators/adminstrators own discretion.


This is not limited to UFC GIFs, but any fight GIF for legal reasons.




The new forum software contains a Report option at the bottom of every post:
Posted Image
Clicking on that brings you to another page, which allows you to enter a message to the moderators, telling us why you are reporting that post:


Posted Image


Enter your message, and click 'Submit Report' to submit that report to the moderation team.


Note: This tool is only to be used to report a post that legitimately violates the forum rules. It is not intended to be a communication device with the moderation staff, and it is not for marking the posts of someone you do not like, or someone you disagree with.


The moderation team CAN see who submits each report, so abuse of the report system can be tracked, and warnings may be issued.


For the full list of UFC Fight Club Forum Rules, please see the following thread:




If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a member of the moderation staff, all of whom are listed here: