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    Remember when vert was looking for attention? Oh that's everyday
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    He looks like he's going to die at any moment.
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    Hope I don't get banned for fight .gifs
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    dude has done so much roids that is now physically part of his genetic DNA
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    My mom's surgery was successful and she's recovering *fingers crossed*. She doesn't have an ear anymore but a skin flap taken from her leg. Looks kinda like Frankenstein for now but the tumor is gone. May need radiation treatment in the future but we're still waiting to see on that. Hopefully not because it's brutal.
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    She KO'd Cyborg and a useless division with 1 punch. Now I recognize her as the GOAT.
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    Serious question: Is TJ Dillashaw tall enough to punch Max Holloway in the face?
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    But who will be left to tell us all about the horrible social consequences of manspreading?..... https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/media/buzzfeed-gives-entire-news-team-redundancy-letters-in-international-effort-to-cut-costs/news-story/3e0834f4b7ff027beadcf80eb810bb9f
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    Vert put your pic back to TJ, not a good look to change it after Saturday
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    I would pay $100 to watch Floyd giggle and laugh at Khabib for a few rounds before he decides it's time to put ISIS to bed for good.
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    He looks like a bite size Snickers in a full size wrapper.
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    The rules of common sense also say not to edit your picks after the event has happened, so you're still ****ed.
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    It's kind of impressive that he keeps finding new levels. Just when you thought he had taken the dumb-****ery as far as it could go, he surprises you.
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    I'd love to watch Dildoshaw get his head dribbled off the canvas.
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    The last commish quit because you idiots wouldn't stfu and play the game. You couldn't even get past page 1 before starting it again.
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    Posting in terrible threads
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    Hes a cheating piece o chit and that is why he is on my perma car fire list.
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    Here is proof of my net worth.
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    Dildoshaw tried to take the easy route to ChampChamp status and got sonned
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    That little idiot had Max Holloway's name on his tongue all week. Max should smack that midget just for mentioning it.
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    Not sure if would count as wtf but definitely a weird one. A rare natural phenomenon taking shape in the US state of Maine is mesmerising people around the world. A giant slow-turning ice disk, measuring approximately 91m (298ft) wide, has formed in the Presumpscot River in the city of Westbrook. The captivating natural oddity has drawn comparison to an alien spacecraft, a carousel and the Moon.