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    This is just the pulsing effect from the last time he assaulted a woman with his car.
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    Your insult would hold more weight, and you would sound like less of a dipchit if you knew there isn't a fourth round, moron.
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    You can tell who the incels are right away when Nikki shows up.
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    This is true. I remember one time some dude pretended to be his own wife so he could say that he died and then read the condolances. ****ing weirdos.
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    Dude threw 500 punches and couldnt draw any blood
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    Yea, someone making a thirsty thread when they see a girl on the internet is new and interesting. Thanks god we have VirgFTW here to take the forum to bold new places.
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    When strippers are more trustworthy than you, you know you lead a ****ed up life.
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    Damn he just made a Matt Hughes train reference
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    The thirst by Vert is real.
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    Vert would make this cringe-worthy thread just because Nikki posted.
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    BJ will sleep this can. He's coming off a W over a bouncer in the beer and pissed soaked streets of Hilo you goddamn dummies.
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    Oh god, I miss the days when we had Bisping the GOAT representing us, instead of this can Edwards and the equally canly Till :(.
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    Daf*q is this chit? This has gone too far now. Women should ALWAYS be below the men on the card. There should be a womens prelims portion, and it should lead off the card. It's outrageous that a potential FOTY candidate is buried under a chitty womens fight. Btw, Platinum is going to put some starch in Luque's diet. If you get the hands from Bryan Barberena, you will either dive at Jordans or die against Perry. Say stupid chit below.
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    LOL @ trying to have a legitimate discussion with the Forrest Gump of the forum.
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    We need the flag for spam button back so we can remove this guy's posts lol
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    I swear, every time she reappears a cringe thread is made. **** never fails.
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    I will plead the fif and let the evidence do the talking.
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    In one hour, Robert and I will be sitting down to discuss our contract for Cashfl0ws backyard fights before he makes his way through Chicago. Updates incoming.
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    This comment finished the job. He ded.
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