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    Snoozeman better have his terrorist rat manager line up the fight right now. The fans have spoken.
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    Just delete this thread mods
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    LMAO Wonderboy is definitely seeing chit in the walls after that
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    Damn his wife is bigger than him and his son put together
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    I think Marlon is going to knock him the **** out.
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    Pettis should move up and take out Whittaker as well
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    He just knocked Wonderbread dead, so basically he's the middleweight champion right now.
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    How many times does Darrel's head bounce off the canvas? 5? Jorge didn't even land a right hand and didn't give Darrel a soda. Two lefts on the feet and he was out but he H bombed him for good measure.
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    Nobody wants Mighty Mouse back.
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    Anthony Pettis is a top 5 welterweight in 2019. This is a lit timeline
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    What a dipchit! Back into retirement for you, clown.
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    Didn't we establish community rules against pretending the Diaz brothers matter?
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    excuse me!? check the fookin threads, I predicted this chit you dummy!
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    Folded Cerrone like a chair in about a minute. Pipe down, dipchit.
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    This shows HOW GOOD Tony and Max are
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    Edson is going to hit the dude so hard he is going to start seeing chit in walls, Pettis style
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    I remember this dude in front of me in Detroit was wildly rustled when I called Henry Cejudo a midget. Told that boy he could get the hands, and both of his friends could too.
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    The only time I'm crying seeing my dad is if he has a maple bacon and some orange vanilla coke for me while i play video games
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