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    I look forward to them making the Disney Tower of Terror into the Twin Towers Experience
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    Conor is so deep in this edgy lad's head I'm wondering if he's actually Paulie?
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    Pretty sick tbh, i mean Arnie is like 70. Hope security beat the **** out of him
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    Winning a lawsuit and actually being paid are two different things.
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    Over the weekend I happened to find a childhood photo of @Bubba_Sparks
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    This dude is giving Vert a serious run for cringe poster of the year
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    You have to read the books to even make it into the top 20 I'm afraid mate.
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    This dude is worse than herpes.
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    they're balancing out 1000 years of inequality you sexist pig. Or so the sjw's would have us believe. The day they cast a female as James bond is not far away... that might be the time I head for a cabin in the hills with a good supply of rice.
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    And still... Zombie's titty twister is a good one too
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    If you like that one you will love this lol.
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    A vegan, a cross-fitter and someone who doesn't watch game of thrones walk into a bar...i only know this because they mentioned it to everyone within 10 minutes.
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    sadly that's still your best thread to date!
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    Probably old news but I saw Bryan Caraway was gone too. Good times.
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    Millions of nerdgins accepted that Anakin could turn dark in the span of 10 minutes of screen time but 8 seasons of Dany being a coont wasn't enough foreshadowing for people to believe her heel turn? Fook off trolls
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    Coming into a topic purely to say you're not interested in the topic is so freddievh in 2017....
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    How about that swing and a miss from Edmure Tully?
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    Not how I would have done it but satisfied with the ending.
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    Magny when he comes back from USADA suspension and no roids