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    I doubt this will be divisive. Pretty sure that we can all agree the French are a bunch of garlic-eating surrender monkeys who are best in the world at absolutely nothing apart from making croissants.
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    Genuinely hoped the forum would just give me a pass on this one lol.
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    Have a great holiday and safe travels everyone!
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    In a great day for MMA and a sad day for@NoCakeForYaya a random landed a Rolling Thunder KO vs Ross Pearson.
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    I’m not McGregor fan anymore, but I think a Gaethje fight would have been much more relevant
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    Dear France, I have recently noticed a number of tourism boards judging you as an excellent place to visit based on a number of criteria. I was just curious as to how much money you are providing in bribes for these clear and fabricated lies? On behalf of the rest of the world. You are terrible. We know you are terrible. You know you are terrible. Please stop Regards, The voice of the people, NoCake
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    No matter what way you look at it, once Cowboy beats the brakes ott of Canor, the fanboys will say that Conor is a FW and moved up TWO WEIGHT CLASSES. What a hero.
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    If you goto the Emergency Room they have to treat you and have to admit you no matter if you can pay or not. If it's a life or death situation, you will get treated no matter what in the hospital whether its surgery, xrays, scopes, CT'S etc. Even if you are in a situation where it's a surgery that is necessary but not an emergency there are TONS of doctors that will do it for free. My cousin is plastic reconstructive surgeon and he makes his money off of boob and butt jobs and then does breast jobs for women that had mastectomies for free and even does hand reconstruction free to those that need it. My hospital system that I used to work for forgave almost 5,000 patients last year alone for debts ranging from $1,000 to $2 million+. The main thing is, people donate tons and tons of money to hospitals and that's what is keeping them afloat these days. Take St. Jude for example. They pretty much exist due to donations. Sure they get help from the government but even without the government help they'd be more than fine and still be able to do what they do. The problem we are facing now is that Medicaid (and even to an extent medicare) is reimbursing less and less every year which is making hospitals rely on donations and private insurances more and more and let me tell you something, a good 70% of the people in the hospital are on Medicaid/medicar, maybe 25% have private insurance and the rest are private pay etc. This is why you see a chit ton more PA'S, NP's, and CRNA'S in hospitals now then you did 10 years ago. You can employ 4 NP'S or PA'S for the price of 1 hospitalist, 2 CRNA's for one anesthesiologist, etc etc. Oh and good luck seeing your family practice doctor or specialist when you goto an appointment if they have NP'S or PA'S unless you specifically request to see the Doctor. IMO, healthcare as a whole is dying and it's due to government run health insurance. Since Obamacare started more and more private insurance companies are saying fook you to healthcare places and reimbursing less too. Not to mention the severe doctor shortages we are having because of the cost of tuition (another government run failure) and the payoff not being worth it in the end. I think the biggest victim to all of this is long term care(nursing homes). I never saw so many companies being bought and sold and flipped in my life. The quality of care is even worse now than it is before. One last thing, after working in two hospitals around my area and one of them killing (yes killing my father) last week, I wouldn't send my worst enemy to either one of them, and I currently work on one. Hope that answered your question and.gave some insight into what's going on.
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    Y'all talking about character development in a star wars thread lmao. It's Lazer sword welding space wizards and aliens.
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    It's time you accept the Ross Pearson sucks. I just saw that can get murdered by a kick that a toddler would throw during a tantrum.
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    Including Australia on that list is total BS, considering you're living in fukn Mexico.
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    It's quite cowardly slagging off Australia without having the courtesy to tag @Lord_Costas_number_one_fan, @SavageTC or @crangs. And it's even more cowardly to slag off Asian nations without tagging @Teemu. Front kick to the face incoming.
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    Lol, our opposition leader (neo-Marxist Jeremy Corbyn) launched his party manifesto for our GE in 3 weeks, and it's slipped off the BBC top 10 News Stories list because there are 3 separate articles about the impeachment that are much more popular. Sadly this means most of you erudite folk won't get to read it, but don't despair, I'll give you an executive summary: Everyone gets a load of free stuff. Apart from the rich, who have to pay for everyone's free stuff. Polls suggest Boris (our Trump-lite leader according to some) could get a decent majority. That will mean Brexit finally gets done and we can all get on with our lives...
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    this was cool till those magny pics
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    Finished getting knocked out twice and quitting to a choke. Very elite fighter.
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    Imagine not being a casual these days. 80% of the cards are garbage lmao.
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    Its not about being fortunate. Its about hard work bud. I know people who grew up in the slums and are now some of the best doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners in my area/state. It's all excuses. Work harder.
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    You've gotta appreciate Jones. He's managed to convince everyone he's the greatest fighter in the world, despite being a heavyweight who only fights middleweights. It's genius really.
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    No Luke and Anakin were both trained by GOAT Jedi masters and their midichlorians were higher than you are for even comparing well written characters to MaRey Sue. Anakin and Luke atleast had some experience with podracing and early training. Then took L's along the way to Dooku and Obi Wan and then Luke to Vader. MaRey Sue resisted Kylo then beat him twice without ever picking up a lightsaber while Kylo had been trained since a young age by Luke and then Snoke. Not even going to get into her being a better pilot and knowing more than Han about his own ship. If Rise of Skywalker somehow ties up all these loose ends will gladly accept but not sure why you're still willing to die on this hill.
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    It's probably time we all accept that all star wars ****ing sucks lads, boys.
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    They raised money for his surgery? They should have let nature take its course and give him a Darwin Award.
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    So that fcking loser is saying his own brother is a beta? And fighting the more retarded of the two is somehow a step up? Lol, these two are genuine vegetables. Cash, please drop the dime and set this chit up. Me vs the fcking c0ckeroaches, handicap match. Handicap because both the Diaz cnts are mentally and physically handicapped.
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    Man, I'll whip this dude's **** for America. I try to stick to the promoter gig, but this dude would get slumped.