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    If we're not shipping him to Guantanamo, he better at least be forced to fight Dillon Danis in a No Holds Barred match.
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    25 years ago today the GOATest 90s movie outside of the beige volvo trilogy came out. smh
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    Id rather one of the good posters came back thankyou.
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    Cognitive dissonance is hard for people apparently. Always excusing away things when it's their guy and over reacting to **** when it's someone else.
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    Aldo deserved an immediate rematch for sure.
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    ... that's the guy that beat Taylor_ Schonerstedt, who is Taylor_ Schonerstedt ?
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    It's *Conor, btw. Jesus ****ing Christ..
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    Just got off the phone with Dana, he agreed to my rule changes for the rematch Drake and I will be laughing front row in the next one!
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    Who gives a chit what Conor said, you clowns? Who gives a chit if he threw a dolly at a bus? They FOUGHT IN A CAGE to settle it. The excuse making has gone overboard now. It's pathetic now.
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    On the grappling side no one mentioned it but i give Conor a little credit defending the initial low single. He did a pretty good job of that initially and at one point reversed it but he didn't get and underhook and drive Khabib flat then start to work on passing. Instead he tried to sit-up which got him the turnover because he was almost gonna take his back but when Khabib turn over to concede Conor kinda sprawled, then tried to posture and it allowed Khabib to get to his knees and build a base. That one mistake there could have changed the fight significantly & put Khabib on the defensive making Khabib have to work to get off his back and avoid GnP/position advance and allowed Conor to not waste much energy. I really think the wall walking with Khabib when he triangles the legs is a big waste of energy in a battle you'll loose. You either push the hips and get hit or your defend the shots and Khabib advances. It's a damned if you do or don't position and a total strategic error imo. You "might" be able to build a base and get up but it's a big explosion to do that. It's better to just concede and play guard imo. Conor's guard looked like chit though tbh. His hip escapes where decent when Khabib advanced but when Khabib was stacking him and standing over guard he doesn't use his legs properly and has zero answer for that. There's a few guards he could try against Khabib but he's really gonna have to spend a lot of his camp to get good at them and get the conditioning for it to put Khabib on the defensive and nullify his offense without wasting a bunch of energy. There's a guard called Rat guard developed by Rene Dreifuss, there is Werdum's knee shield guard, there is octupus guard and Neil Melaninson has irish collar guard and some other very nice guard stuff too that i think could work pretty well but when Khabib stands to smash/pass Conor absolutely has to be offensive with his legs kicking the hips to disrupt Khabib's base, off setting his head off center line and threatening with sweeps and up-kicks as Khabib smashes down. If he can disrupt his base, slow down the strikes and keep his head off line he may even be able to time him and off balance him slipping a punch and kick/thrusting his base out then take his back or at the very least create distance and maybe a scramble to stand up. If he just sits there with his feet on the hips with his arms blocking Khabib controls the feet, shucks them and turns him into a literal punching bag dummy every time.
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    Global warming is real! The rivers around here are way over the banks right now. We've had record rainfall maybe twice a month for a few months straight. We've got those hella obnoxious mosquitoes too. My ****ass county doesn't spray for them either, so we're just swimming in em. Can't wait for the first frost so I can go outside again.
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    Couldn't tell ya. I'm not famous, and I don't care what famous people think. No Twatter for me.
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    "after Khabib Nurmagomedov sparked a near-riot"
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    Yeah some random old dude at the bar was getting excited in rd 3 as well but it was really obvious Conor had no power in his punches at that stage. They still looked kinda fast because of the size of the guy but the were definitely laboured and lacked that snap. But Khabib was standing there with loose defense and Conor wasn't doing chit. That wrestling game depleted Conor real quick. K thanks for listening.
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    He's a only a bit bigger then the welterweight pictured.
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    Gay thread Gay OP Gay suggestion @sobercuban you wanna get a hotel room with me?
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    damn homeskillet. that kind of chit wouldnt be happening if u were in canada
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    I wouldn't be so sure. He let him go straight from getting his *** whipped by Floyd to getting his *** whipped by Khabib.
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