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    Lol 3-2 plus missed weight for a title fight and says she earned this. Sit down
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    Following through on my promise to put them up as I make them public
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    Can a mod straight up just ban this guy, this is a beyond lazy effort of a **** post, its not even worthy of being called a **** post, its just ****, a big stinking pile of ****
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    I was in the arena and my reaction was i lost a lot of money just now because Conor was in my parlay
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    I banned him. Maybe members can't see that anymore?
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    **** shouldnt even be on the main card of an FS1 show.... she needs to **** off now
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    HOLY ЅHlT! My health insurance premium is going to be $119 LESS than I paid this year. LESS, I don't ****ing believe it. Thank you Emperor Trump!
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    Following through on my promise to put them up as I make them public i cant stop fapping
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    My neighbor was on FIRE tonight! This dude went on a crazy rant about the kind of people he thought would "Bite their fart bubbles in the bathtub"
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    Always nice to see me in the winners bracket and Bubba in the losers bracket.
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    Ferg should get next shot and McGregor should fight atleast 2 fights before another shot. Winner of Porier/Diaz is also ahead of him in line IMO.
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    Mainly the one fapping to Sarah Kaufman
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    chad is short for brian. just like d*ck is short for richard.
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    Fook Oz, he’s planning a wedding to another man right now.
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    Perhaps he wins an upcoming battle with substance abuse.