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    He's actually a great title holder. He's focused on fighting and doesn't degrade the sport by turning it into cheap WWE bull**** and making it about his bank account every chance he gets. His actions after the fight were bad but Conor's been praised as a marketing god for doing pretty much the same thing or worse. Dude is the type of champion this sport needs. The UFC should manage the promotion and hype. That's their job, as fight promoters.
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    This is pure ****ing showmanship, best cat donut drummer ever
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    Khabib is worst title holder ever. His press conference is boring, his fighting style is boring, he doesn't sell tickets or draw interest, he has no personality. Only really hardcore UFC fans appreciate his fighting style. Thats not enough to draw big PPV numbers that Dana wants. All the UFC brass were hoping and praying Conor would pull of the upset I guarantee you that. Let him go.
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    They were brought in by my ex wife and if they aren't dead they are old as ****. That's something I've shared with you. I do not care if you make it public. You need to stop taking this forum so cereal and realize when someone is blatantly trolling. Kinda like how you acted like Dildo Danus could win a fight against a 27-0 fighter when he's 1-0. It was next level cringe trolling, homie.
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    Who wants to leave the forum next? I got rid of vert. Who wants to follow in his footsteps? I got Al via first round KO in the most brutal fashion possible.
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    lol that reminds me of this dude: one of my most favorite clips ever.
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    He's just trying to get a pay day from Conor.
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    Somebody needs to do regular welfare checks on this poor guy. The only thing he's famous for these days is letting Conor live rent free in his head. Go on any boxing forum and he's become a meme in boxing, in the ring and in the commentary booth. Feel bad for him. I really think Broner broke him when he "took his belt and his girlfriend". Got KO'd in 3 of his last 6 fights and barely decisioned the other 3 Randy's with no wiki pages and now chases Conor around holding his pocket looking for a payday. #sad
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    I just read this and for as good as Khabib is, no one would give two ****s if he left the UFC
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    Places around here 6-17 inches of snow yesterday. It's way too early for this ****.
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    Thank fook for the thread tag, otherwise I would have missed this scintillating discussion.
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    My catfishing game went through the roof when I started using this photo. I owe ya one, man.
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    when I watch it I just imagine it's Chris Farley I lose it at 1:02, every time.
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    That was fu*king awesome lol
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    I just about died laughing at that.
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    This guy is clearly coming to throw hands. What a legend.