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    If MIchael Johnson loses i will do what ever it take to get myself permabanned on this forum
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    Lol baseball. Used to be good when roided legends played in the 90's but now it's a bunch it natty betas.
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    I'm on board with that. I'll help you get bant.
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    So far I'm 3-0 on the main card and ya boy has even predicted the fights down to the outcome! Ask idyb because Cash sat this one out.
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    And I cannot believe a LEGEND like Cash is discussing LOL Baseball with him in this goddamn thread. Cash... you should ban yourself.
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    Nah dude he's a genius and was the only one saying it
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    funny cause every fight on this card has been more exciting than anything that bum Weidcan has been apart of.
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    what a beautiful display of mixed martial arts court mcgee and alex garcia just provided us with, I simply can not wait for gian villante and ed herman to follow that up! wow what a night!
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    Going through something similar now
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    Past week or so I have had a lot to worry about, I won't get into the details, but it has made me feel constantly sick, cannot eat, sleep or do anything without worrying about it. I have never had this before, anyone ever experienced anything like this?
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    Conor is a genius. I'm bringing strictly midgets that can't reach me into my training camp from now on. **** taking punches in the face during LOL practice.
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    That's Conor McGregor's primary training partner... lol!
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    Artem is in a co-main. I went to a card headlined by Artem because Mike Perry and OSP were on the card. Should have left before the main to beat the traffic. It took a goddamn hour to get out of the parking garage.
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    7.6 billion people on earth and only 14 have defeated Artem Lobov
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    This jabroni ain't even a Weidman fan. His dumb gimmick was originally to cheer against every fighter that faced Silva and he stuck with the first can to beat him after
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    Oh you're so cool to log in and let us know this. I'll enjoy watching your boy get knocked the **** out next Saturday.
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    Short fuse coming to bang as always
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    Thats it mate, these things will pass, just have to keep positive and remember all the good things you have going. Life will do its best to chit on us but as long as you dont give up and keep fighting theres always hope for a better future
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    Take everyday as it comes, can only get better from here right?
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    Kattar is a beast. Massachusetts boys always come to bang
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    Too much McGregor semen in your diet.
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    Logged in to say this is a lit fight