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    He was the embarrassment of the forum way before Khabib dominated Canor
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    He only hates Khabib because he is the one who made him the embarrassment of the forum.
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    Robbie is a good choice by the UFC. They don't want their deal to look like a dud (not that Askren is, I've never seen the guy fight) so they give him Robbie who is a pretty well known name in MMA who Askren should beat pretty easily if he really is as good as he is made out to be. Having said that I would love it if Robbie KO's him into oblivion.
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    Took a drive into Montana today actually. Very lovely place.
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    Well hopefully they form a caravan and try to walk in to Canada while claiming asylum.
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    Give me Davi Ramos to kick it off.
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    This couldnt be further from the truth. 20 members of the premium forum met up specifically on the concourse at MSG to drink beers and BS during her fight. It was planned that way
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    Chan Sung Jung vs. Yair Rodriguez Donald Cerrone vs. Mike Perry Germaine de Randamie vs. Raquel Pennington Joseph Benavidez vs. Ray Borg Maycee Barber vs. Hannah Cifers Luis Pena vs. Mike Trizano Amanda Cooper vs. Ashley Yoder Bobby Moffett vs. Chas Skelly Beneil Dariush vs. Thiago Moises Julian Erosa vs. Devonte Smith John Gunther vs. Davi Ramos Joseph Morales vs. Eric Shelton Mark De La Rosa vs. Jordan Espinosa You have first pick
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    Horses really don’t seem to like it when you chuck corpses or hogtied individuals into a campfire.
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    I like Montana, there's very few people there, .... they have very long arms, but they're still people
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    There's a reason Trump campaigned in very specific places. He wasn't out campaigning for every jack@ss running for a House seat. He mainly did appearances for Senators. The media will claim victory nonetheless. Although, I did see Van Jones saying it was a "rainbow wave". This is much tamer than his announcement that America is racist on Election Day in 2018. Maybe they're finally learning? ....... Nah. A leopard can't change it's spots, and the MSM can't change their agenda. The genius is in the infrastructure. You know damn well the billionaire owners of these networks are never even in contact with the most famous journalists on their own networks. It's like a ****ing cartel. The head of the snake is so far detached that you'll never catch them with their pants down.
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    We looked into having a Christmas break in Dubai a few years ago but when you look at top 10 things on trip advisor pretty much everything on the list was a restaurant or bar on the 100th floor of somewhere. Would love to see those mega skyscrapers but not sure I could spend a week there.
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    Loved lake havasu for the brief time I was there.. I've been living in Dubai for 6 years and it's not everyone's cuppa tea but it is definitely a pretty amazing place - that ayrab money has built some interesting Islands and buildings as Roids said on top of that there is plenty of nice beaches and insanely good hotels etc. Plenty of fit women from all over the world and lots of good places for food and a good drinking sesh. This place does come with it's flaws though.
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    This measure lost and now the pro measure people are extremely rustled on Facebook and keep insulting everyone while declaring they are moving. Lol
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    Got in some political conversations today at school. Man, you can't express any conservative views. My Cuban buddy is the only one I can actually talk to about ****, because he hates the radical left. This chick I'm friends with in Physics was going on and on about how we're heading down the path that Germany did in the 1930s. She really believed that's where we are going to be within a couple of years. Her butt puckered when I started talking about being pro 2nd amendment.
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    Yep, expect full gridlock now...nothing will get done or accomplished, just endless investigations.
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    juice jinxed me, need to change majority of my picks
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    Pretty self explanatory this one, this is simply a thread dedicated to bad jokes/puns you've seen that you enjoy way more than you should. One that made me laugh and cringe at the same time is below: Rick Astley will let you borrow every movie in his Pixar collection except one...............he's never gonna give you Up! Looking forward to your awful jokes lads.
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    This has gotta be cringiest post in forum history
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    I agree w/ people that say this won't happen coz of size difference, it's a ploy, what is it now as we speak 40/ 50/ 60 lbs ? -
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    not gay I was just in the area so I stopped by so we did some manly stuff and played jenga, top and tailed in his mum's spare room bed
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