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    Phones adapt to their owner
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    The great state of Pennsylvania. I'm sure he would PM you his address if you'd like to swing by. His doorbell is broken though, so just come on in when you get there.
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    Lol nice try @Fred_Flink_Stoned toe socks no longer working for you bro?
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    reported for unacceptable homosexual flaming. slap yourself and enjoy your ban.
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    Gotta start by confiscating all the guns countrywide. @VertIsAnIdiot, how should we start that process?
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    Can anybody translate for me what's he's trying to say?
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    The most fecked up thing to come out of this story are the people that are being reported killed at this country music concert mass shooting that were also in the country music concert Vegas mass shooting. It's like "Final Destination" IRL
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    CNN attributes the shooting to the hostile environment Trump has created
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    you wanna get rich on wim fights ? just bet the opposite of my pick -
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    I don't feel bad for these two. I don't feel bad for Borg just because he made his life problems public for sympathy and a few extra dollars. Everybody has problems. People have kids born with birth defects every single day. The fact that he was having trouble paying the bills that arise in the course of life tells me that he's made some bad decisions along the way. Maybe he will start to make some better decisions now. Hopefully he goes and gets a real job, and aims for some steady pay. Instead, he'll almost certainly take his sympathy seeking **** to Asia and keep fighting for pennies, while living in a crackhouse and barely putting food on the table.
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    Sure, but do we really want four or five womens fights on every card? I can answer for myself, and say **** no.
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    Jim Acosta bant from the White House. LOL
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    Sorry to hear you're poor homie. You need a loan?
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    I found the High Stakes Treasure. Afterward I ended up falling an dying. Went to Saint Denis to a store and I only have $100. The treasure was worth $1500. Edit: nevermind it gives you gold bars that you have to sell.
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    Yeah, it will be great to watch more wmma and one dimensional heavyweights gassing in the first round.
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    the google auto-suggest on my phone for texting is pretty mad fucking gay yo
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    Mike Old Yeller'ing Werner was br00talc0re. Great season.
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