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    If I was 6'5" and black with my natural athletic ability I'd be making MILLIONS in the NBA... not getting beat up by some dude from Mexico.
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    thats prob the most ive laughed watching an mma fight
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    Magny is so bad that he has to headbutt this guy to draw blood.
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    Dana White Tuesday Night contenders knocks out all you guys favorite fighters on no notice.
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    That's the last time I openly cheer for Rountree!
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    Mike Perry only lost a 29-28 because Ponz was running and threw a desperate spinning back fist while running! Magny can't win a single minute against this man.
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    Magny might be the worst ranked fighter in the UFC.
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    No... that's not what is going to happen.
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    @LayDownDead knows I'm a DAY 1 HATER.
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    This event thread it LIT. Half the forum is in here.
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    You been a little coky sob since you got 1 fight correct on khabib making love prono inside of 5 rounds.
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    Him and Magny should form the Whack pack of the UFC
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    I like this guy’s gimmick. What a weirdo
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    He should be forced up to heavyweight though. This man is a WCC.
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    Spoiler alert. I haven't made it that far. Lol
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    *Sassy bans Kylo* Batdad: "I like this clan"
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    Lol, easy money. I'll take that bet. Oh wait. You welched the last one so **** you. Lol @ Aluminum Mike Perrry.