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    Brian was losing a striking match to CLAY GUIDA and any idiot can knock Frankie out Max will impose his will on this bum and might even submit him
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    Bruce Willis said Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie so flack off Also. Bad Santa is the only choice.
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    Oh man, imagine if we're regularly subjected to some of that SJW reformed gangster/hippie routine for years on end. I might tap to that.
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    I'm nervous. I rewatched a bunch of Ortega's fights today and the guy somehow manages to get his **** kicked for every second of most of them until he stops the fight with a homerun. The closer we get to the fight, the more afraid I am that we're going to end up with this hippie dipchit as champion. @PATSTER get in here and tell me I'm wrong.
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    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, is facing some backlash after the organization took to Twitter to call for the end of “speciesism” on our everyday conversations. “Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are and start ‘bringing home the bagels’ instead of the bacon,” read one of the tweets.
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    So if your winters are warmer, that's climate change. And if Cashes are colder, that's because of climate change as well. Leprechauns have interesting ideas.
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    Max is going to box this hippy up with ease.
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    January 19th in Brooklyn. Overeem just fell unconscious somewhere. I think Cain retired. Say stupid chit below.
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    I just don't understand how you could be so confident. This kid has quite possibly never won a round in the UFC. So your confidence would have to be based solely on the fact that you think he's going to finish Max Holloway. There's a very real chance that he gets exposed as the second coming of Volkan Oezdemir, somebody who was never skilled enough to be at the top of the division, really only got there on a string of lucky shots, and could very well never get there again. I would say the chance of it is about equal to him finishing Max.
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    I hope they do so all the boosters wasted hours of their lives doing something boring for no reason. I love it when that **** happens. If it does I'll get to enjoy all their threads crying about how Rockstar just lost a customer.
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    God youre an uncultured swine. Any answer besides A Christmas Story is the wrong answer
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    Crowder got KO'd by Willis lmao, he might die at the hands of Gregory
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    Haha I was expecting something like this. I mentioned that I had probably seen the third one the most out of the Home Alone series to a few friends and they looked at me like id just chit in my hand and threw at their kid
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    I have a take. Max will win..... BY SUBMISSION
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    Naysayers have their place. Published peer reviewed studies like this that are proven wrong by the naysayers show that there is a lot of inaccurate information being shared. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/environment/sd-me-climate-study-error-20181113-story.html
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    Of course Matt Hamill is a legend, he beat Jon Jones, who else can say that?
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    I'd hate to get all scientific on you here, but a warmer few years in Ireland doesn't necessarily signify global warming. lol We just had nearly a foot of snow at the earliest time of the year in the history of recordkeeping here. Our average snowfall for November is something like two and a half inches. Am I to infer that we're on the brink of an ice age?
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    I've heard the stories that make Jimmo out to be a victim here, but maybe he should have kept his **** in his car and called police? Any way you slice it, he's a professional fighter who should be going out of his way to avoid confrontation, not challenging people's manhood over road rage incidents. Responsibility, kids. Get some.
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    Christmas Vacation Die Hard Gremlins A Christmas story Home Alone
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    People still talking about global warming...smh. It's climate change, it's human created, and the repercussions will come eventually regardless what the naysayers say and how much they cry the models have been inaccurate and whatnot. There is only so much CO2 that can be absorbed in the ocean