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    Schaub couldn't even hack it in the NFL and stopped Cro Cop and Mitrione. He easily beat Gonzaga and had a close fight with Arlovski. It's heavyweight and Hardy has to cut to 265. How many 1st team All-SEC (the conference that prints National Championships) collegiate players and NFL Pro Bowlers have competed in MMA? Seriously I'd like to know how many 6'5" 280 pound NFL players that run 4.7 40s and racked up 40 sacks, 16 pass deflections and 9 forced fumbles during 5 seasons have made the transition.
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    Exactly. This isn't Brock Lesnar atleticism. That guy couldn't even cut the mustard in the NFL. Greg Hardy is quite possibly the first elite level athlete to land in the UFC. Like, ever. And he's absolutely massive and retardedly fast for his size. To say he can't beat up somebody like Stefan Strive is ridiculous. He could run him over in 30 seconds.
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    I didn't even know this was a thing until very recently.
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    Overeem knocks him the **** out again There's levels to this striking chit and Junior is NOT on his level
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    get rid of the flyweights now turn to them for help
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    You're a fooking fanboy if I've ever seen one!
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    I don't like Linekers face... Based on that and that alone I want Cruz to win..
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    Max gonna beat the living chit out of Ortega if 100% healthy. I'm hoping he flip to even or + money from all the manbun fanboys throwing money on T-City.
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    True story for everybody picking Ortega by sub: He has never landed a takedown in the UFC.
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    you clearly don't watch this chit, that is one of the best bases for MMA
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    If Dom would fight like a man and go one for one John SPARKS him in the first exchange.
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    Hardy bench press these heavyweight weight and think it won't work for MMA...lol
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    Well Bubba it turns out that Tyson Fury really did get knocked out. He didn't beat the count. I timed it with a stop watch and everything. From the time his a$$ hits the canvas to the time he gets back to his feet 10.56 seconds passed. Wilder was the one that was robbed. Ref wasn't as bad as the motherf*cker that gave Buster Douglas a 13 second count against Iron Mike but he still botched it.
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    They really are trying to push this ESPN card. Jan 26 will be Woodley vs. Usman.
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    she looks like she has downsyndrome
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    I have a take. Max will win..... BY SUBMISSION