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    One last thing. Roids is 2-0 against forum idiots in account bets, yet I'm a nice enough person to not shut this chit down and make a call to Dana and have you all bant permanently.
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    No. He should stay there, take up as much cap space as possible, and lose to the Bears twice a season every year for the rest of my life.
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    He's not American. That's all you need to know.
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    All at once I just understood how Bubba became a white knight for retards. He's swimming in them over there. The two idiots above being perfect examples.
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    How's that going by the way, have they moved you onto fries yet?
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    lol. I'll take my MVP award for that war right now if you don't mind. Their 2 might never play the game again after that effort. Can Base 3.0 tew stronk 😂
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    Cashflow should be forced to ask permission from the regular forum members before making a post. This is to help prevent him posting Dumb Chit he might later regret.
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    Bart is biting pillows, Bwana is pulling it to Miss Universe trannies Stanley is eating his own cream pies. What the **** is happening to this forum ya sick bastards!
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    That was just the pre-Christmas present. The butt plug she bought you was your Christmas present.
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    That's only cause Sober is systematically banning all the boxing fans
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    That's the gif that keeps on giving.... me questionable thoughts on my sexuality.....
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    Lesnar had just won the HW title. The #1 movie in the theaters was Four Christmases And Live Your Life was the #1 song in the country. And that song about living life to the fullest inspired forum member @crangs to join the UFC forum. Congrats on 10 years of sub average posting mate. You did it!
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    3x3 Boxing match Floyd Mayweather JR. vs Tenshin Nasukawa 27-0 pro kickboxing 105-5 amateur kickboxing 4-0 mma Kyoji Horiguchi Vs current Bellator Bantamweight champ Darrion Caldwell Daron Cruickshank Vs Damien Brown Ulka Sasaki Vs 12-3 Manel Kape 22-3 Jiri Prochazka Vs Former Bellator champ Emanuel Newton 22-5 Yuki Motoya vs Justin Scoggins 20-7 Yusuke Yachi vs Johnny Case Gabrielle Garcia Vs some pure soul
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    Hopefully first thing the new coach does is get rid of De Gea..hes lol bad @crangs
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    He could still take every idiot on your continent. lol
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    Once Zabit wins you have to quit drinking horse sperm for a month. Your muscles finna look like mine.
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    I'll believe Cain is fighting when he's in the cage
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    Moraes shows up and sparks both of them, again.