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    lol instead we give them our money and put them up in houses while we struggle to pay our own living expenses
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    i got kicked for being female, I will never forgive the clan
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    I still think they should have rereleased 'Edge of Tomorrow' and called it a sequel just to see who gets the joke.
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    I remember when bubba tricked us into thinking he was british lol
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    Also saying it has no performance enhancing with that low amount is false.. When you take a steroid drug and stop you still reap the benefits for 3 weeks to a month.. and then the metabolites are left over... while dosing in picograms is for sure useless that's NOT WHAT HAPPENED.. he was using and reaping the benefits and just showing left overs.. they are only giving you a very slighted view of what happened
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    You're clearly uneducated on the Australia/New Zealand talent share act of 2012. As soon as Mark Hunt's MMA record was positive he became an Australian and we've been killing the game ever since.
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    Had always hoped Groundhogs day would get this treatment
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    Has anyone figured out what the **** a polygram test is btw? Bisping should have called him a retard on live TV
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    Lmfao StrayaGOATS ****ing owning the seppos. No other country can rustle those jimbos like we can. Whittaker finna get a boxing kangaroo to compliment the made in Australia tattoo on his chest.
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    @Mcmax3000 start the 2019 topic please, you know you want to
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    Glass is supposed to be 3 hours! I'm pretty excited about that ****
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    I'm gonna have to add a LOT of people to the rustled in 60 picograms or less list.
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    Imma throw my 2 cents in again.. They are skimming over the fact of the half life of the short and midterm metabolites.. which can be from 8 hours to a couple weeks for the midterm.. if you look at the schedule of when he is tested he would have time to flush out any short or mid term changes.. thereby only showing longterm metabolites. Combine that with the designer drugs you can get that would be used along side with these.. he could use for the rest of his career and use this as a scapegoat ... If you were to take also the fact that he keeps failing multiple times and other are passing no problems it just shows complete lack of consistency and its shows massive favoritism.. I cant let this go... **** this loser.. Hopefully Nevada rules his failed tests as a bannable offense again and reusing and California also finds **** on his last tests as well... strips him and rules the last one with Gustafson a no contest.. Color me piseed off and spiteful...
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    Vert will DESTROY these bums easily, his shots BREAK the guard
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    If Zerk went straight Vegas and picked all favorites, he gets eight right and wins easily. This title is rightfully Zerk's.
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    But Jon passed a polygram test administered by the FBI man, if he failed it was 25 to life. Polygram tests can't be beat not even by sociopaths like pictogram Jones.
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    Jon was juiced in both fights. He's terrified of fighting a depleted DC at light heavy while clean. He has a free pass to juice for the rest of his career and he still doesn't want to catch Daniel's hands at heavyweight. He's a p*ssy. That's why dipchits like Oz are fans of Jon "I was almost wronged" Jones.