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    Casual confirmed. True MMA fans know that Pedro Muñoz is a municipality in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It is located in the northeast corner of the province of Ciudad Real, on the bank of the Záncara river. It is in the La Mancha region, in the "Mancha Alta" sub-region. It is a small municipality, 101.3 km2, due to being abandoned as a municipality in 1410; however, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries it grew into an important economic center in the region. Pedro Muñoz has 45.27 businesses for each 1000 inhabitants. Sounds more like a place than a fighter to me, but I've been a huge fan since day 1.
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    It's Brazil, what are the chances of finding a good fighter there? Slim to none
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    I was going to bet the over on tonight's NCAA championship game but forgot. The over/under was 57. At halftime they are at 47. Smh
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    I would pass the distillery every day driving for work. Nothing quite like the smell when you're driving through whisky country.
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    Lagavulin 16 is phenomenal. I like Balvenie 21 for scotch, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof for Bourbon There are some insane single malts out there from like Japan and chit but they run over 2g's a bottle @VertFTW
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    I don't see why Conor wouldn't be serious. Tenshin is a midget. lol
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    Lewis is going Full Dada 5000 if this makes it to the fifth round.
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    Even worse Idaho. lol some dude got on here asking how he could attend the weigh ins for that event. Cash and I called him an idiot, of course. Fought Rothwell in Croatia. He throws straight punches he should be able to land 3 before Derrick finishes his hook from hell. If Junior does that dumb chit like back himself up against the cage he might eat the canvas hard.
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    Unbelievable that Rose has ducked for this long. Andrade will rearrange her face
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    Andrade will give Rose PTSD again
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    She called Trump a racist too. I was actually happy to see that 60 Minutes did a piece on her. Before that, she was essentially a Fox News production. She might have gotten less than 100K votes in the election. Her district is fairly small. So she was only being propped up by the media. She doesn't matter to most people. The politicians on the left did their best to ignore her existence. I believe one of them said something like "Why is she even a thing?".. lol
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    Also, you don't use a Thesaurus to figure out how to spell a word.
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    Scotland is on my travel list, my buddy went and said its right down the road from the glenfiddich distillery. He did both tours in a day.
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    I need to try that Balvenie for sure. I've only heard good things. Tragic I haven't yet. For a more affordable Japanese whiskey, the Hibiki blended whiskey is really nice. It's light but quite good and not 2 grand lol!
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    i used to work for one of the worlds largest beverage makers.. companies have plants/breweries in canada and close to the market place because its incredibly expensive and cost inefficient to ship beverages due to the weight. I can assure you even if it were brewed, bottled, made in canada, the recipe is the same as in the states. Economies of scale, the companies buy a ton of the same stuff from the supplier... sorry. The only time they change formulas / taste is when the actual countries have a far different pallet i.e. pepsi or coca cola in Asia etc...
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    Rest of the women's division be like
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    Hopefully. There are levels to this chit and they aren't as great as they think.
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    Plz let this score stand. Alabama talking chit before the game saying they could beat pro teams. lol no
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    Is the Chad planning on driving up the prices by smelting a cok ring?
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    Let's not forget when he fought in ****ing Nebraska or North Dakota or some chit