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    I guess he'll just have to make do with 60 billion instead of 120 billion. Tough life
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    Will be following around his ex-wife hoping to make a love connection.
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    Oh lol. Yeah then I don't have sympathy for him.
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    He got caught cheating and he founded the company a year after they got married. He'll be lucky if she only gets half his chit lmao.
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    Once you become a billionaire, lawyers start just showing up at your door and giving you advice. I guarantee he was well aware that the fastest way to creampie his bank account was to cheat on his wife.
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    In the social media society we live in, you're almost required to have frequent "look at me!" events just to keep up with the Joneses.
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    Take his penis out of your mouth and get back to reality. Darrell beat one lightweight ranked at welterweight. He lost to Wonderboy. He got run over by Woodley. It's time we stop pretending he was ever a contender.
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    I just had a overwhelming urge to listen to Led Zeppelin 3.
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    He knew the risks and cheated anyway.
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    Only if you're big enough to intimidate Baldie.
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    I might have a meltdown if she gets that much haha.
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    I remember when I first started posting here. I took an absolute thrashing in every comment I made for a good 2 months. The good ol days.
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    If you're rattled by his comment, you're going to have a hard time around here.
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    Pic of Vert's wedding reception
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    vert laughing at the amazon ceo 2019 off to a great start
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    That poor neglected video game thread right at the top of the page.
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    I've read your stories, this must be a newer policy.
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    Does splurging mean you won't be buying the $5 leftover lunch specials like you did in NY?
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    You mean the government is overreaching? I don't believe it.
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    that kind of chit shouldnt happen in canada. it aint right i feel like we are signing away all of our rights because of some feminist pig
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    Give them all nice rusty handjobs. Will be your last time to open your legs and various holes to multiple other men before finally tying the knot with just one man.
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    Think JDS takes this one. Bar Lewis connecting with one of those bombs I can't see him out striking JDS and as the fight goes on Junior's likely going to have the better cardio. Plus I would love to see JDS get one more crack at the title before retiring so I can never really root against him.
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    My parents have a condo in West Palm. Nice easy weekend. Fri to Sun. Im def in for Philly tho just took Sat Sun off. LMK if your going
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    Watching this show on Netflix called "Fastest Car". It's about "sleeper cars", all of which are obvious race cars. "Can these obvious race cars beat exotics???" How is this a show?
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    They can come into your home for some **** like that? Great country ya'll have up there.