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    Also why doesn't Eva Green pull her tiddies out?
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    LOL Bond -AK Le Chiffre - JJ JKAJK board KKKAA loses to JJJJA Le Chiffre, slow rolls and then tells Bond "You must have thought I was bluffing". Mother fuker you just laid the cooler of the century on the guy. Only 2 hands beat Bond's, AA and JJ, holding AK makes AA less likely. What idiots wrote this? Then we have AAA66 vs nut flush vs another full house vs yet another full house vs straight flush. AND Bond slowrolls the entire table. ohsgfjhfglkhdgf
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    All the attention was on the fooking luckdragon
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    Why do I feel like people don't remember the goddamn rock biter? Nobody ever gets the reference if I mention it.
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    Somewhere there is an animal rights activist raging over this.
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    Yeah, it's almost like they didnt watch Werdum go to sleep with one swing of Stipe's arm.
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    A man in Colorado killed a mountain lion with his bare hands after the big cat attacked him while he was out jogging. The man, who has not been identified, was running along the West Ridge Trail at the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, in Fort Collins, when he heard the mountain lion approach behind him. When he turned around, the animal lunged at him, biting his face and wrist, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). However, the jogger managed to fight back, and eventually suffocated the mountain lion with his hands. CPW have confirmed the man killed the animal, and didn’t use any weapons. Rebecca Ferrell, a spokesperson from CPW, told Reuters: "There was some wrestling going on and the cat did latch onto his arm but he was able to choke it." Mark Leslie, the manager for the CPW Northeast Region, said in a statement: "The runner did everything he could to save his life. In the event of a lion attack you need to do anything in your power to fight back just as this gentleman did. The man sustained serious injuries in the process, though they were not life-threatening, and managed to get himself to hospital soon after the incident." Ty Petersburg, area wildlife manager for CPW, told the Denver Post: "Mountain lion attacks are not common in Colorado and it is unfortunate that the lion’s hunting instincts were triggered by the runner. This could have had a very different outcome." The mountain lion was described as a juvenile, and its body has been sent for an autopsy. Officials have said the man killed the animal ‘in self-defence’. Dana sign this man up!
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    The tournament in the movie is about to start. I'm already triggered because I know all of this idiocy I'm about to watch.
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    I willing to concede that small ask, I find her baiting the media hilarious...but I'll try to remember to bar her tranny boney azz from the thread.
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    We are likely to finish in the middle this cwl. We had two bad wars where we had an unusual amount of bad hits and were also outnumbered by TH12s. We will win this war but I'm guessing we will finish 4th or 5th
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    I mean, he's right that him fighting a can would be a better idea at this stage of his career than fighting either Whittaker or Gastelum, so I'll give him that much. I wouldn't not watch that.
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    I don't want any more ****ing rematches. New matches only for Conor
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    Im gonna be sick when Jimmy and Tobias walk July 1st
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    MATA LEON!!! CARALHO PORRA!!! Jhit-Jhit Soo Jhew-Jhit-Soo Jhew-Jhit-Soo
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    Only took 5 fkn weeks but finally got my wife's car back from the shop - Full transmission rebuild - One transmission mount replaced - Replace damaged left front axle $3,515 not too shabby. Pep boys wanted $3300 JUST for a replacement transmission (because apparently they don't repair trannies there, just replace), Labor would have probably been something insane like $2000, because of the other work it needed.
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    Crazy how people underestimate how badly Whittaker was softened up by Yoel.
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    Ugh; the revisionism of Miocic/Werdum always rustles me. Yes Werdum ran like a lunatic into Stipe's fist but that was mainly because he knew he couldn't outstrike him and certainly couldn't take him down. Unless he wanted to find himself on his back begging Miocic into his guard 3 times a round, a Yolo bull rush was his most likely way of winning.
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    are you smoking crack my friend? are you just trolling? theres no way you actually believe what you just said right?... right?
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    Werdum loses that fight every single time, and unless Ngannou was going to learn to wrestle in those two weeks, he was ****ed either way.
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    Just watched an umpire troll the **** out of a tennis player. She (the ump) overruled a line judge and called a ball in. The player freaked out and was crying after every point for about the last ten minutes and she didn't respond at all. He walks to his chair and she says "You okay?", and he responds "Never better" as fast as she could get it out. lol.. He then stews for about ten seconds and rages hard again.
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    lol sold a car to this guy last year and he comes back in a couple days ago and tries to buy a Mustang. Guy is either on too many drugs or not enough and is arguing with us that buying a manual instead of automatic should help with his credit score. Guy walks out. Look in the paper the next day and see he threw a rock through the front door of another dealership here in town and stole a 2015 Mustang. Cops found him and he said he knows Ford and is allowed to take any car he wants and they shouldn't arrest him cause "he's an endangered species"...
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    Never. I'd rather be dead than play BF1 with you.
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    Dont have to watch this chit to know Khabib beats Gaethje
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    Sharp Objects on HBO was pretty damn good