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    I can tell the Australians are mad about this; they're double posting and getting Hungary mixed up with Austria. Good point about the sheep though.
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    I watched it before the superbowl when I should have been sleeping. Was worth being in a tired, chitty mood all day at work
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    And 1 last thing, he's only resting so that someday he can kick your azz if you were a dikhead...lol
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    That's normal for a new and excited parent, his first few months are a little different because he's new to the world...remember the only sounds he's heard are Mom's heart beat and when she talks. Let him cry a little bit before picking him up, if he's hungry/hurt that's a different matter...but as he get's accustomed to the world around him, over coddling will be a mistake. Teach him to sleep through the night, teach him your comforting and loving voice, let him know he's safe in this world with you in his life. But don't forget about Mom, her body has to adjust to changes,,,she needs help, she needs support, she needs love. Let her sleep in, give her time to heal, take care of the little, clean up the house a little bit...that's what men do, we do what we have to do, you'll get dividends in return. We all want strong and independent children, that know we love them....even as we're spanking them for fugging around. Best wishes to the new family, enjoy life ITR...Congrats again.
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    Thanks for the advice man. Thankfully his sleeping pattern is right on with our work schedules (for now). I'm taking some time off of work to spend with him so I'll be sure to soak it in. I learned the hard way about the spoiling part the last few nights in the hospital. I couldn't stop holding him and then he would cry when he wasnt held and when we picked him up he would stop. It's a hard habit to break lol.
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    Advice I can give. Find a routine. It's good for your son, your wife, and your sanity. Let him cry in bed. Kids are smart, if you constantly pick him up, he will learn the behavior and you'll never sleep. Tent his junk when you change him. He will piss on you a lot otherwise. Have fun with it. You'll do lots right and few things wrong. But everyone is like that, so dont sweat the things you are unsure about. Time will move quick when it comes to kids, slow as **** for work and everything else. So just enjoy the time, because you'll blink and he will be one, then three, then 10....
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    Thank you guys for the wishes and kind words! We headed home today with him!
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    Interesting to see New Zealand getting **** on despite all of the "Australians" originating from there. Americans don't do that ****. Imagine how funny it would be for Israel to beat Robert and the Australians claim him too. Total number of Australian champions: zero.
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    I won't be 1 of them, no way I'm paying for this bullchiit card,,,,1st time in years I'm skipping out.
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    I finally watched The Departed--a movie you cans have been telling me to watch for long time (well maybe just TUF). Was good. I liked it
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    Awesome! You know the rule though mate... pics or it didn't happen!!
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    Soo Joanna JSquared was at my bjj gym doing a seminar yesterday and she's WAY hotter in person, and funny af. Didn't get to pair up sadly, so I missed the chance to force myself into a triangle
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    did he get his phone back?
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    The ordeal of child birth is tough on the ladies, if it was up to men we'd be instinct. You're a professional, so keep an eye on her for infections or high temperatures...and obviously abnormal bleeding. Get some rest
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    HOLY ****! The last bill in collections left over from all of my medical **** just fell off my credit report. Finally clear of all of it. What a relief, only took 11 years to get everything off.
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    Thanks man. I appreciate the advice. I took care of her in the hospital because she really couldn't do much after the c-section. The baby stayed with us all night every night and I took care of him and helped her with her needs. She couldn't thank me enough but it's the least I could do for her and that's what a relationship is about imo. She had to have two units of blood because her hemoglobin dipped into the mid 7's after the surgery and she was weak and lightheaded. She felt bad but I was all too happy to do what need to be done.
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    Yeah I have it built into my contract that I get 8 weeks off paid if we have a child and my fiancee has Aflac that pays for 9 weeks natural birth and 14 weeks if you have a. C-section (which she had). I might take a little more time off than that or at least cut my hours down for like a year so I can spend more time with him.
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    Kelvin via KO round 1 or 2 perhaps.
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    Stipe knocked the guy out in about 90 seconds. I don't know how that's embarrassing.
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    Werdum loses that fight every single time, and unless Ngannou was going to learn to wrestle in those two weeks, he was ****ed either way.
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    Which is bad because they both have a very good chance to kick that terrorist's ****. lol Btw Stupid, Gaethje was winning both the Alvarez fight and the Poirier fight when those idiots got lucky. By no means are they substantially better fighters than him. And Barbozo is getting his head taken clean off next.