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    You offed yourself and came back for Jack Marshman vs. John Phillips? For real??
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    Thank goodness this fight is over.
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    Is it me or is this commentary making the card much worse? Like they are talking about a completely different event?
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    My cousin is an Executive Casino Host at the Aria and used to work at Caesars Palace. This will be an interesting conversation.
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    You have to do research to figure out how to tip?
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    I'd sneak up behind him... with my folding knife in an underhand grip Cup his mouth from the right & shiv the left kidney & kick out his left leg pull him back and wedging him on my hip, shiv to jugular in less than 2 seconds then switch to an overhand grip & hammer the knife down behind his clavicle severing his brachial plexus nerve. Dead in 7 seconds or less. All hands and blade
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    Is it me or are the refs getting worse and worse?
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    And that is why you GTFU and force Silva to fight on the feet when he is gassed and getting stretched
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    All i know is the fans lost regardless. I've seen undercard of a backyard Kimbo fight that were more skilled and exciting. .
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    LMFAOOOO that is a bad, bad set of scorecards
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    I fking knew someone would say that. I'd break Gooden's legs.
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    The terms and conditions from that site 4. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any breach of our terms and conditions and irregular playing patterns. If any terms of an offer/ promotion are breached or if there is evidence of bets/wagers placed by a customer or group of customers (for example, betting patterns on the same events/markets that are identified across multiple accounts), which due to a Free Bet, Bonus, enhanced payment, our Cash Out feature or any other offer/promotion results in guaranteed customer returns regardless of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, Betway reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to void Free Bet
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    Paul is gonna get slept by this guy for all the **** he's talking
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    That was sick, for a second I just thought the edibles kicked in when the screen got censored
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    You're right, fixed...I lost my head for a minute, thanks
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    Actually just found out that a Muslim brother chased the shooter and fired shots at him: @VertFTW
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    Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris made them with nothing more than a simple google search and they weren't exactly brain surgeons. Not to mention what ITR said, 10 year old kids in some of these middle east countries are trained in bomb making, granted they have a higher IQ than Vert, but still.....children! Out of curiosity, what are the gun laws in New Zealand?
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    Hey Stomp have mercy on EclipGOAT
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    Conor beats Ferg .. Yep I said it Come at me
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    Then you have clowns doubting whether or not Trump is Making America Great Again. I think it's pretty clear.